I have over 35 years’ corporate experience mostly in the Oil & Gas industry with both multinationals and a number of Malaysia companies. Since 2014, I have ventured into a number of businesses as Advisors and Directors in Oil & Gas Exploration & Production, Oil Products, O&G Support Services and Industrial Asset Integrity/ Management Services.

Like everyone else in 2020, where most of our businesses were facing challenges from unprecedented avenues, two distinct and seemingly ordinary events were a wakeup call for me to look into the seriousness and urgency in securing our organizations as we navigate through our digital transformation journey on top of the new challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

First, I received what looked to be an ordinary email from an established Malaysia fabricator for an urgent supply and delivery of materials for an offshore project for Petronas. Since we were constrained by the MCO and was not able to meet the dateline requested, I have the authority to decline the request immediately. As such, I quickly replied the email by just clicking on the Reply button. Only then I realized that the reply was automatically sent to an email with a domain name established in Gabon, Africa (.ga). I panicked as I had launched the attached documents and now, they know! Did that reply also send the signal for them to activate the hacking mechanism downloaded with the attachments earlier?

Second, one night our CCTV security camera system went crazy. I had to switch it off manually but was shocked when the technician showed me the next day the numerous intrusions attempt to hack into the CCTV camera through the open IP address. More shockingly was how easy it was and how we had taken the security loophole in our CCTV system for granted.

Those two incidents might have been isolated cases but what if they were planned in unison? More likely than not, unfortunately, that can happen. There are many undesirable elements out there waiting and looking for vulnerable and unsuspecting victims, like you and me, seeking and ready to pounce and destroy our hard work and years of effort. Just read the daily cyber-attacks news and how sophisticated they have become.

Not all of us are well-versed and well-trained in cybersecurity and the cyber security dangers can be very complex and confusing to understand. However, the potential vulnerability and danger to the organizations and businesses that we built on our own sweat & tears is enormous. That was my starting point for my search for solutions that give management and business owners the peace of mind, uncomplicated and reliable protection.

Thus, working with my team and partners, Himmer Cybertech was established to offer exactly that – we are here to give you the peace of mind in your digital transformation by effectively & efficiently securing your machines and processes. We will be with you all the way in Identifying, Protecting and Detecting cybersecurity threats throughout your digital transformation journey.