Frequently Asked Questions

I have difficulty combining industrial devices coming from different providers with software applications, is it possible to merge them together in a single platform?

Our solution will consolidate all the data from your industrial devices in one place, regardless of any protocol that has been used in your industrial environment. In a single location, we combine your plant floor system data with an IT or cloud solution collecting data from your production system through our input for secure data acquisition.

In order to connect the operation technology into information technology, my system uses different types of operating system, is it possible to assimilate them together?

Our solution can be easily installed in any operating systems and allows Plug and Play solutions with any of your embedded devices. With additional store and forward architecture features, user need not to worry on data loss during operation.

I would like to integrate all my system and deliver data to any kind of application or cloud. Why should I invest in your solution compared to other solution providers?

Our solution guarantee that the data information is encrypted and secure. Working in real-time manner, our solution has the store and forward capabilities to minimize disconnection problems and also minimizes the use of hardware. We assist our customer to safeguard their operations for continuous threat detection providing enterprise management console and safely remote access their system operation.

Cybersecurity attack nowadays is evolving and worrisome as it may causes a severe loss in some organization, how to protect form cyberattack into my industrial system environment?

We support visibility and end-to-end solutions and implements network segmentation in the industry network architecture to build easily defensible zones with high visibility within the perimeter of your enterprise network, tracking all changes to your Industrial Control System (ICS) devices with OT-focused technology and help ease and secure the industrial network by using Single Sign-On, Multi Factor Authentication, Privilege Access Management and many more according to the user needs.

Security is very crucial and every operation industry now need to protect their system and cyberattacks appears to be a ticking time-bomb. What are the solutions to address these problems?

We help our customer safeguard their OT properties and networks facing substantial security and financial risk of highly automated manufacturing sites and factories by providing a holistic approach that meets the company needs such as hybrid cloud security solutions, network security, user protection against identity theft, detection and response services across networks, and worry-free support services. Do contact us for further assistance.